Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Virat Hindustan Sangam to drive Hindu unity in India -- Dr. Swamy

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today announced the formation of an organisation that would push for potent Hindutva issues like securing the disputed Ram Mandir area for building a temple. For the same purpose, Muslims will be persuaded to accept an alternative site for mosque.

Dr. Swamy's outfit, Virat Hindustan Sangam, will enable the youth to push for genuine Hindu issues such as scrapping of Article 370, Uniform Civil Code, Ram Temple and Beef ban.  

The newly formed body will also operate as a pressure group on BJP even though both are expected to work closely with each other. Elaborating further, Dr. Swamy indicated that construction of Ram temple will be his priority from January 1, 2016 onwards. For the same purpose, Waqf Board can be offered a site across Sarayu river in order to keep the Ram temple site exclusively for temple.

"We hope to complete it by the end of 2016 because of our activism both in courts and in terms of pushing the government," he said, adding that he would have finished most of his legal work in the Supreme Court by then.

Besides Ram Temple, Dr. Swamy also stressed on the scrapping of Article 370 that has been put aside by BJP. Virat Hindustan Sangam will be open to Hindus and those Muslims who acknowledge their Hindu ancestry.  

VHS is an attempt to organize Hindus to intellectually drive change in India. For example, major catalyst for change could be taking up genuine causes through PILs and people participation. Themes for positive/constructive changes being Hindutva (Temple management, Sanskrit, Vedic Studies), anti-corruption and governance. 

VHS will also gradually conduct training programs across major cities in India.

Monday, December 8, 2014

My transformation from a Non-Vegetarian to a Vegetarian

Since I belong to an Army background, eating non-vegetarian came naturally to me. Moreover, Army's culture of parties and intrinsic stress over non-veg eating activated my taste buds quite early in life. I am also from a Punjabi Khatri family where having non-veg is considered a matter of pride. This early conditioning towards non-vegetarianism deeply influenced my psyche which eventually became a strong barrier when I struggled to leave non-veg. I continued to relish non-veg (mainly chicken & goat mutton) till I was 21 years old; however, it was around this time that I seriously began to have second thoughts about it.

It all began during a post dinner family conversation over eating habits .. whether one should eat non-veg or not. Ours is a highly religious family too, so these conversations were given equal importance. My father and brother proudly stated that, in Hinduism, Kshatriyas are allowed to eat non-veg as it helps to build aggression among them. However, I countered that many Kshatriyas are not owning up to their Kshatriya Dharma in contemporary times, for example, when a weak person is beaten up or a girl is molested, how many Kshtriyas stand for their help? The answer is ZERO ... yet many of the so-called Kshtriyas rhetorically call themselves WARRIOR CLASS when it comes to non-veg eating. 

Nonetheless, non-veg began to trouble my thought-process and one fateful night I had a dream that completely shook my SOUL. Its been more than 12 years and I still vividly remember that dream ... so I will narrate the sequence to all of you. In my dream, I saw myself sailing on a boat in a rough sea. Due to the storm, my boat sank and I was eventually drowning ... I kept falling until I saw a BIG SHARK charging at me and I was shit scared. I couldn't help saving myself and the SHARK took away my entire lower body. I woke up, suddenly realizing that it was just a dream ... took a sigh of relief feeling that I am still very much alive BUT I was sweating profusely.

This dream was the TIPPING POINT .... the moment that compelled me into turning vegetarian. All other factors such as spiritual enhancement, regulated aggression, reduced lust, and healthier lifestyle had yet not surfaced my mind. Only one thing mattered to me THAT I need to save myself from that SHARK.

Phase - I

Hence began my journey towards vegetarianism. I decided not to have non-veg even if my father will home-cook it OR in case of any special occasion. The real fight began now because many in my family, particularly my father and brother actively resisted my move ... They tried to convince me with number of fallacious reasons from 'enjoying life' to our 'Kshatriya lineage' ... This entire DRAMA continued for another 1.5 years; however, I eventually gave in and started having non-veg food again...

Phase - II

By now, I had picked up a job in an MNC and here too, I met many friends who were fond of Non-veg and did not actually appreciate my viewpoint over vegetarianism. Even though I was having non-veg 
after 1.5 years, I wasn't relishing it anymore. So after six months, I tried leaving non-veg again ... BUT was unable to keep my promise. I was thoroughly disappointed because of my inability to resist the temptations ...

I was disappointed because even after trying to leave non-veg two times, I fell again for the trap. This repetitive behavior wasn't doing any good and my mind was in complete turmoil. Meanwhile, I wasn't enjoying my MNC job either ... so after having worked for 1.5 years ... I decided to call it quits. By the time I quit my job, I was 24 years old. 

Phase - III

Due to the stress in the job, I now wanted to head towards a HILL station to spend some time alone. This was a good decision because it helped me to improve my resistance towards non-vegetarian food. I zeroed in an isolated village in Himachal Pradesh, where I planned to stay for a period of 15 days. While I dedicated a lot of my time towards trekking and silence, I also occasionally indulged in spiritual discussions with fellow villagers. It was during such discussions that I understood the impact of non-veg diet on person's thinking and behavior. 

Meanwhile, that DREAM kept haunting me and reminding me about the LAW of KARMA. I thought its about time that I seriously give up Non-veg AND hence, began my journey towards Vegetarianism ... However, this time I succeeded in leaving it despite pressures from several quarters. 

Not only did I give up Non-veg BUT I also eventually succeeded in transforming many of my near and dear ones in giving up this kind of eating lifestyle. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Love Jihad and its implications in the Hindu Society

Love Jihad's growing influence is indicative of a deeper level of cultural contamination that may imbalance the heterogeneous structure of Hindu society.  

Increasing incidences of 'Love jihad' in India reflect a complete lack of understanding among Hindu girls about the tricks and lies leveraged by Muslims to fool them. The fact that Muslims are using 'Love' as a tool to change the demographic equation of India is a sufficient condition for Hindu girls to reject Muslim guys. Even if Hindu girls refuse to see this propaganda, then they must utilize all resources to assess the intent of a Muslim youth. 

For example, instead of falling for the trap of conversion to Islam, they could test such lovers by asking them to convert back to Hinduism. In Muslim world, where polygamy & Talaq is a norm, re-visiting the meaning of love is important. Globally, love has a special place for everyone and is considered stronger if it is perpetual, long-lasting and commitment driven; however, a number of Muslim love stories do not even last a lifetime. For example, multiple marriages or love-affairs of a Muslim do not reflect a stronger bond of everlasting love at all.

Many sickularists (including mainstream media) prefer to paint every affair as pure love, as if every short tale of love is a purification exercise. Nonetheless, the term 'Love Jihad' is self explanatory and does highlight the subtle techniques (evolved form of Al-Taqqiyaa) leveraged by Islam to attack Hinduism. For example, a Muslim may use a Hindu name to establish contact with Hindu girls and will gradually trap multiple girls simultaneously to improve his hit rate. While Muslims deploy such tactics to achieve a higher rate of conversion; they also receive considerable monetary reward for every Hindu girl converting to Islam.

Recent case of Tara Shahdeo, a national shooter, who married to Raqibul Hasan Khan under the impression that he is Ranjit Kumar Kohli is a glaring example of 'Love Jihad'. After her marriage, Tara was brutally tortured by her Muslim husband for one month, only because she refused to convert to Islam. 

Particularly in Kerala, Muslims promise to marry Hindu girls if they agree to convert to Islam. Girls accepting such a preposterous condition are first dropped at a nearby madrassa for conversion but the story doesn't end there. Most of the times, the girl doesn't get married to the Muslim guy but, in fact, she is drugged and shipped to Gulf countries for a price.

Apart from the above examples, some Muslims (typically public figures) tend to fake modernity/secularism to subtly achieve the objective of spreading Islam. They adopt nuanced strategies to dodge public scrutiny, for instance, Aamir Khan & Saif Ali Khan. Both are the best examples of 'Love Jihad', as per which they not only married multiple Hindu girls but also compelled their children to adopt Islam. Aamir Khan, for example, clearly stated that his children will only follow Islam whereas, Saif got Kareena converted to Islam. 

These are not mere conspiracy theories but real time threats that are staring at Hindus. While anti-Hindu elements in Kerala, UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states are using every trick of the trade to trap Hindu girls; Dawood is using his influence in Bollywood to softly execute the agenda of Islam. Therefore, not only Hindu girls need to be alert for their honor but also the Hindu guys need to reform the existing malpractices such as dowry.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Radical decisions needed to improve India's economic situation

While BJP has just recently come to power on the back of popular mandate, it doesn't have much time to rest on its laurels. This is predominantly due to the extent of damage inflicted by the anti-national UPA regime over the last 10 years. For example, India faces multiple challenges on different fronts such as Economy, Defense & Security and Home & Foreign affairs. 

In case of Defense, the past UPA government has considerably weakened the strength of armed forces primarily on account of lack of modernization and limited stockpile of weapons. Moreover, Congress unleashed more corruption within Army ranks which is evident by the extent of defense scams and penetration of ISI controlled drug mafias. This has led to the creation of a strong defense lobby that operates an anti-India agenda. 

The recent controversy over the affidavit submitted by BJP government has not done any good either to the reputation of Government or its own MoS Gen VK Singh. While Congress drafted affidavit was filed with SC, Mr. Arun Jaitley completely failed to minimize the damage caused by the faux-pas.

From the economy standpoint too, our Finance Minister seems to be clueless about the possible solutions that could bring economy back on track. Simple press statements, that highlight causes of sluggish economic growth and inflation, will not change the status quo. RATHER radical policy level moves can push the economy further.

While Mr. Jaitley likes to send strong messages, his attempts are sickeningly reminiscent of past UPA strategies that stressed on symbolism. Given this attitude, it seems that either Mr. Jaitley doesn't have a competent team under him OR he is completely bereft of any good ideas. Therefore, restoring public confidence will require implementation of concrete steps that steward India's ship in the right direction.

Even if development is a priority, certain decisions can have a far-reaching impact on the health of the economy than by mere manipulation of interest. Moreover, Indian economists, influenced by West, need to understand that the interest rate model has failed to revive economic growth in US. Therefore, radical steps that shake the system will boost the morale of the common citizens. For example, the following are some of the steps that can genuinely rejuvenate Indian economy:

  1. Immediate ban on Participatory Notes that are primarily used and abused by anti-India elements;
  2. Complete ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denomination currencies;
  3. Abolition of income tax because it meagerly contributes to Government treasury and unnecessarily complicates the functioning of government machinery;
  4. Introduction of banking transaction tax;
  5. Focus on the SME and informal sector of Indian economy instead of BIG corporates that contributes only 15% towards India's GDP;
  6. Encourage small businesses and entrepreneurship for job creation instead of focusing on FDI. This is because high level of FDI has not been able to motivate corporates to generate more jobs;
  7. Repatriate black money.
Although list of suggestions is endless, the above points are sufficient to make a good start for restoring public confidence. India can be an economic powerhouse only if domestic talent is nurtured and encouraged to participate in India's growth story AND not by allowing foreign companies to exploit India's resources.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Subramanian Swamy closes in on Fake Gandhis

Dr. Swamy, the real anti-corruption crusader, has not only been a vocal opponent but also the most aggressive and active fighter against the corruption of fake Gandhis. He has been fighting a LONG battle and finally seems to be nailing the Gandhi Dynasty which is the fountainhead of corruption. 

Despite the hiccups and multiple obstacles that were deliberately imposed by UPA and its strong team of sycophants, Dr. Swamy has managed to pull down UPA single-handedly. While many may perceive Anna's 'Lokpal movement' as a Watershed moment in India's modern history, in reality it is not so. The actual Watershed moment of the country took place on February 2, 2012, when SC cancelled all the 122 2G licenses on a petition filed by Dr. Swamy. 

It was this judgement that hit the innermost core of Congress and HIT it so badly that UPA never recovered thereafter. The judgement served two main purposes, firstly, it caused an irreparable damage to Congress led UPA and secondly, it resurrected the faith of people in India's judiciary to some extent. While the second reign of UPA is marred with several scams of large magnitude, it was the 2G spectrum scam that virtually killed the Congress. Nonetheless, Dr. Swamy's role in highlighting Sonia's involvement in all other major scams such as Coalgate, Augusta Westland, National Herald and Jet-Etihad is phenomenal. 

Dr. Swamy has successfully proved Sonia as the original source of all big-ticket scams in our country. Sonia's involvement becomes even more potently clear after the release of two separate books by India's high profile bureaucrats -- Sanjay Baru and PC Parakh. While it may not be feasible to discuss each and every aspect of their books, one common takeaway is the disclosure of the fact that just one power center existed during UPA regime. And everyone knows that it was the Italian waitress who ruled India by remote controlling the spineless Manmohan. 

While many people are quick to appreciate the courage of these bureaucrats, they should also realize that it was Dr. Swamy who has been voicing this view for quite some time -- even before any book was published. In fact, Dr. Swamy's independent and courageous views are based on an extremely serious and methodical approach that has brought him quite closer to nailing Sonia Gandhi who is the mother of all criminals in India. His knowledge about Sonia's past and present actions also indicate his capabilities in nurturing a strong informal intelligence network. The video below is an example of Dr. Swamy's in-depth knowledge on Sonia.

Dr. Swamy's consistent but tangible attacks on Dynasty have taken a toll on Sonia, which is also beginning to show on madam's face. In the recent past, Dr. Swamy has gone to court to nab the culprits on account of their involvement in various scams -- particularly, the National Herald scam. Dr. Swamy has also written letters to India's President on Robert Vadra's involvement with DLF to materialize a real estate deal near Rastrapati Bhavan. The scam has come to limelight not only because of its illegal nature but also due to the nexus between relatives of Political biggies and Real estate firms. While the core motive of the scam was to earn abnormal profits, its implications in terms of National Security threat cannot be overlooked.

Apart from scams, Dr. Swamy has also cracked the business activities of FAKE Gandhis, which helps in understanding their future course of action. For example, Robert Vadhra is involved in building a Hotel in London, which could be his future hideout place to avoid possible arrest in India. 

Dr. Swamy's ability to trace the black money trail of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in multiple banks such as Pictet and SaraSin speaks volumes about his networking capabilities. All those people who claim that these are mere allegations need to improve their research skills. As a matter of fact, if skeptical folks dig up the past claims of Dr. Swamy on the Fake Gandhis and then verify those claims in the present situation, then everything will become crystal clear. Such an effort will enable them to understand that Dr. Swamy's knowledge on the secrets of Sonia and Rahul is an absolute truth. The people will also come to know that he is the MAN who has been most vocal about the reality of FAKE Gandhis for last 40 years. 

For example, Dr. Swamy has questioned Sonia's false educational qualifications given in the Affidavit of 2009 elections. If people verify Sonia's affidavit for 2014 elections, it is clear that Dr. Swamy was right all along. Dr. Swamy was right when he suggested that Sonia Gandhi is a fifth grade pass who has managed to fool Indians for such a long time. While many are quick to BRAND this information as a personal attack, they fail to understand the implications of a low educated Leader for India. Moreover, true leaders do not hide the truth of their educational qualifications.

Similarly, Dr. Swamy's attack on Priyanka Gandhi's drinking problem is simply a suggestion that India doesn't need leaders with pretty faces who will not only be ineffective decision makers BUT will also rob the poor for generations. Therefore, knowing the personal habits of our LEADERS is paramount because eventually their habits will shape the future of our country and the future of India's children.

Sonia does seem to be even more rattled by Dr. Swamy's efficacy in identifying her sins and then bringing them into public domain. As a result, Dynasty is retaliating by orchestrating protests outside Dr. Swamy's house. However, it fails to understand that Dr. Swamy has a clear mindset towards eradicating the root cause of corruption and therefore, he will be least apologetic for his Ultra-Nationalist views and actions. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

About time to constitutionally declare India a Hindu Rashtra

India is a Hindu Rashtra and those Muslims, who do not accept their Hindu ancestry, should be first stripped off their voting rights. And even then, if they don't make amends, then they should be asked to pack their bags and sold to Sheikhs as slaves. That is the ideal treatment for these Traitors.

Germany's 50% population is Christian, still the government calls the country as a Christian nation. Then what is wrong in India (with 75% Hindus) calling itself a Hindu nation. Hindus should not be shy of calling India a Hindu nation because the majority is Hindus. Those who want to live by the Western defined concepts of secularism will not be able to save themselves from the Islamic onslaught which is just round the corner. One must also understand that moderate/modern Muslim is an oxymoron. 

Every Hindu must learn from the history of Jews and if they don't do so, then that day is not far when Hindus will be running away from their one and only homeland to other countries (just like Jews). 

Hindus must also learn from their own past, that is, how the Hindu kings were deceived time and again by the lies of Muslim invaders and how our culture was attacked. We have had enough and it is about time that Hindus be more upfront about their beliefs and react to any kind of attack with swiftness. There is no time for fake secularism which only turn India into an Islamic Republic by 2050.

We must preempt the situation of 2050, else we are surely heading in that direction. There are already several indications such as Kashmiri students celebrating PAK victory, violence in TN and Assam, fatwa in Rameshwaram and the undergoing Islamization of Kerala.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dassault Aviation head arrested on bribery charge. MOD should put on hold IAF-Dassault-Rafael fighter jets deal -- Dr. Swamy writes to Antony MOD

Shri A.K. Antony February 26, 2014
Minister of Defence
South Block, New Delhi

Dear Shri Antony:

Enclosed is a copy of a news item from the Feb 22nd Hindustan Times, Delhi Edition, that states the French police had arrested Dassault Aviation Head for a bribery charge. Dassault has entered into a controversial deal to sell Rafael fighter jets for the IAF.

Since this news item brings prima facie the issue of a scam in the Rafael deal also, I urge you to put the deal on a hold till the Defence Ministry gets the full details, and takes a view on whether the deal should reacclosure or not.

Yours Sincerely

Subramanian Swamy