Friday, April 11, 2008


Ever thought what pain is? When you are too much attached with an elusive dream and your repeated attempts to pursue your dream only bring failure to you, it is pain. When you are hanging on a cliff in the wild and getting smashed over on your head by a beast and you know that you have no choice but to take the beating, it is pain. If you don’t want to get smashed, you have to leave the cliff and once you leave the cliff you fall forever. You have only two choices i.e. to bear the pain or die. So just bear the pain.

Pain is the feeling to end your life but you can’t end it, because you have your parents, wife and children to think about. So what if this life is a punishment, you got to live it and live it with pain. You got to turn this pain into a feeling of pleasure and then you become an alchemist. The inability to turn pain into pleasure is also pain.

This continuous string of failures makes you depressed and you know that you don’t want to live in this world, but you can’t do anything else except keep failing and living. That is pain. Pain is the mismatch of your thoughts and actions. The mismatch in your thoughts and actions is the greatest cause of pain in our lives because we keep living life in contradiction. Consequently we end up feeling miserable.

Pain is the inconsistency of your life. Human beings are always inconsistent in their actions and always looking for a change, always discontent and always fretting. This attitude in turn brings more pain to us.