Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Take on Oh My GOD!!

Oh My GOD! -- Akshay Kumar's home-production that tried to highlight the so-called evils that exist in our religious life (especially HINDUISM). The entire movie revolves around one Kanji Lal (Trader) who runs a business of selling IDOLS to devotees. I did not like the movie due to the following reasons:

  1. While Kanji Lal created false stories on Idols to increase his sales and rip the pocket of innocent devotees; He had no qualms about disbelieving and openly challenging GOD. 
  2. The irony is that Kanji uses GOD to make money but does not believe in him because he cannot see it.
  3. If he doesn't believe in GOD, it is fine but he has no right to claim that devotees worship a stone which has no power.
  4. The movie portrays that doing good for the needy is most important but why does it need to connect with the religious beliefs of a particular community. We can obviously focus on SOCIAL SERVICE.
  5. Kanji Lal kept a record of each and every donation that he made to GOD and then asked for return on his investments. But he donated money to satisfy his wife (since he did not believe in GOD) then what right KANJI has to ask for return from GOD because he never believed in GOD.
  6. If we are a secular society and we believe in giving independence to all who want to practice their religion privately, then why did the Director choose HINDUISM only? Why didn't he try ISLAM or CHRISTIANITY?
Then the famous quote of Mithun, "These are God Fearing people and not God Loving people". Now this quote can be misinterpreted by a number of people who claim themselves to be INTELLECTUAL. Such people believe that majority of HINDUS are God Fearing and not God Loving. Well I would like to completely disagree on this part because I think plenty of Hindus are God Loving as well, but if they want to perform rituals and please their GODS then what's wrong with it? Why are others who are not able to perform rituals are jealous of it? Seriously -- simply because you guys don't believe in rituals or you don't want to do it OR any other reason -- Who gives you the right to ridicule others path, way or method?

AND what's wrong in being GOD Fearing. I can list the following advantages of FEAR:
  1. FEAR pushes people to ACT -- If fear pushes someone to do good which is in the service of GOD (even to achieve selfish goals), then How does it harm others who don't do it.
  2. FEAR helps to evolve -- A person who started doing something good due to FEAR, later on develops a habit of performing good deeds. He then gradually evolves to become a better human being and eventually, a GOD FEARING person becomes a GOD LOVING person.
  3. FEAR initiates a process of DISCIPLINE because what is once started due to FEAR later on becomes a GOOD HABIT.
FEAR should not transform into BLIND FAITH however, if we don't understand a particular ritual we should not term it as BLIND. It is UNFAIR to term FAITH as BLIND unless you have tried or tested its effectiveness. 

So to come back to OMG, such movies not only condition the minds of people in a negative manner but also encourage people to discard the concept of rituals. Additionally, such movies encourage people to RIDICULE the paths and practices of millions of others who follow rituals with so much devotion.

HINDUISM has been magnanimous enough towards different viewpoints and that is one of the reasons for its survival and evolution BUT not the only reason. Also, HINDUISM should not be a PUNCHING BAG for anyone who has no knowledge or little knowledge about it. Anyone who knows HINDUISM inside out will not PUNCH it.