Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is it really important to be Judgmental?

Judgmental is an attribute of a person who excessively criticizes others. A judgmental person completely gets involved in analyzing other people and over a period of time, he becomes attached with his judgments. Almost every Guru/Spiritual Leader/Saint has conveyed that being judgmental is not a good quality. This is because a judgmental person, while analyzing/judging/criticizing others, will eventually reach a level where he will start harming his own personality.

The negatives of other people will always surround the mind of a "Judgmental Person" and this will hamper his personal growth. Now a more potent question comes: 

Is every person judgmental or only a few are?

Any person whose soul has been conditioned by life situations and family environment is a judgmental person. More precisely, nearly 99% of the world's population is judgmental. 

People are not analytical but judgmental. An analytical person is supposed to be dispassionate in his observation whereas, a judgmental person subconsciously leverages all the biases that he has developed over a period of time to judge others. Also, an analytical person is expected to be less conditioned as he will utilize his grey matter to analyze situations, people and circumstances. 

If 99% of the world's population is judgmental then would it mean that world has no analytical minded people? Well, this is not a good argument because the world does have number of analytical people; however, they use their skill only in their professional lives. The moment analytical people enter their personal space OR mix their professional space with their personal space, they start flowing with emotions. And it is under these situations, even analytical minded people become judgmental.

In a way, the biases of people take over their common sense (which is freely available but rarely used) to come out with judgments that may look explicable on the face but may hide a lot of pain or suffering of the person from within. To counter the negativity that resides within, a judgmental person will point out the negativity of others. However, this strategy backfires over a period of time as such a person attracts more negativity through the entire process of judging. Gradually, he reaches a level at which the idea of a beautiful life is simply not sustainable. 

Just for five minutes, don't judge anyone and your life will become beautiful for those five minutes.

A simple understanding on "Judgmental" could change our life from ugly to beautiful OR vice versa.  

Judgments turn a fertile mind into a barren field which will not be able to offer anything fruitful to society.