Sunday, September 21, 2014

Love Jihad and its implications in the Hindu Society

Love Jihad's growing influence is indicative of a deeper level of cultural contamination that may imbalance the heterogeneous structure of Hindu society.  

Increasing incidences of 'Love jihad' in India reflect a complete lack of understanding among Hindu girls about the tricks and lies leveraged by Muslims to fool them. The fact that Muslims are using 'Love' as a tool to change the demographic equation of India is a sufficient condition for Hindu girls to reject Muslim guys. Even if Hindu girls refuse to see this propaganda, then they must utilize all resources to assess the intent of a Muslim youth. 

For example, instead of falling for the trap of conversion to Islam, they could test such lovers by asking them to convert back to Hinduism. In Muslim world, where polygamy & Talaq is a norm, re-visiting the meaning of love is important. Globally, love has a special place for everyone and is considered stronger if it is perpetual, long-lasting and commitment driven; however, a number of Muslim love stories do not even last a lifetime. For example, multiple marriages or love-affairs of a Muslim do not reflect a stronger bond of everlasting love at all.

Many sickularists (including mainstream media) prefer to paint every affair as pure love, as if every short tale of love is a purification exercise. Nonetheless, the term 'Love Jihad' is self explanatory and does highlight the subtle techniques (evolved form of Al-Taqqiyaa) leveraged by Islam to attack Hinduism. For example, a Muslim may use a Hindu name to establish contact with Hindu girls and will gradually trap multiple girls simultaneously to improve his hit rate. While Muslims deploy such tactics to achieve a higher rate of conversion; they also receive considerable monetary reward for every Hindu girl converting to Islam.

Recent case of Tara Shahdeo, a national shooter, who married to Raqibul Hasan Khan under the impression that he is Ranjit Kumar Kohli is a glaring example of 'Love Jihad'. After her marriage, Tara was brutally tortured by her Muslim husband for one month, only because she refused to convert to Islam. 

Particularly in Kerala, Muslims promise to marry Hindu girls if they agree to convert to Islam. Girls accepting such a preposterous condition are first dropped at a nearby madrassa for conversion but the story doesn't end there. Most of the times, the girl doesn't get married to the Muslim guy but, in fact, she is drugged and shipped to Gulf countries for a price.

Apart from the above examples, some Muslims (typically public figures) tend to fake modernity/secularism to subtly achieve the objective of spreading Islam. They adopt nuanced strategies to dodge public scrutiny, for instance, Aamir Khan & Saif Ali Khan. Both are the best examples of 'Love Jihad', as per which they not only married multiple Hindu girls but also compelled their children to adopt Islam. Aamir Khan, for example, clearly stated that his children will only follow Islam whereas, Saif got Kareena converted to Islam. 

These are not mere conspiracy theories but real time threats that are staring at Hindus. While anti-Hindu elements in Kerala, UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states are using every trick of the trade to trap Hindu girls; Dawood is using his influence in Bollywood to softly execute the agenda of Islam. Therefore, not only Hindu girls need to be alert for their honor but also the Hindu guys need to reform the existing malpractices such as dowry.