Saturday, July 31, 2010

Know Your Self

The path through which we can completely understand our reality is tedious. Most of us take several births before realizing the truth of our existence. For most of us one life is just not enough. We take several births before reaching the state of actual realization. It is a slow process of evolution for all of us. However, we can speed up the process and understand the truth only if we are willing to bring positive changes in our lives. Lot of us think that Truth has no value in today's world, however it is Truth which can help us in freeing ourselves from any pain, anxiety, disease or any other form of suffering.

The evolution process will be faster if we are consistently focused on improving ourselves. Initially, the process of improvement will be linked with near term personal desires of each one of us, however as we accomplish our near term personal goals of improvement, we will move on to much larger or macro level changes in our selves. Such changes will motivate us to do things which will bring positive changes in the whole of mankind.

It is no doubt safe to say that if we know ourselves better and if we are able to understand the Ultimate Truth, we will surely do good for every one around us and make this world a much happier and better place to live.