Friday, July 12, 2013

Karma OR Luck - Which has a greater impact on the destiny of Human Beings? (Part-1)

Karma, Luck and Destiny 

These three words have shaped the past, present and future of the mankind. And will continue to do so. However, it is important to understand each of these words distinctly and their inherent correlation. As, each word is quite vast in its nature, we will discuss each of these words in different posts and then conclude in the last post.


Simply put, Karma is action. As Lord Krishna says that each human being is bound to perform some action whether he/she likes it or not OR whether the Karma is under his control or not. For example, your senses, that is, eyes, nose, skin, tongue and ears will perform their duties. If a person walks in a park, he will naturally smell the fragrance of the flowers and he cannot stop his nose from smelling. Similarly, each human being is bound to do Karmas and his senses are his horses which need to be regulated according to the wishes of his Soul. 

Considering the practicality of the matter as on today, it is indeed quite difficult to regulate our senses and we often overdo certain things to have pleasure over a long period of time. Anyhow, this is a completely different subject and I would not like to delve deeper into it in this post. 

So coming back to the topic, our senses are the base which define each and every action of our lives. As, we have to bear fruits of our past actions, similarly our present actions will give us the fruits in the future. So, we can say that our present actions define our future path. Also, human beings perform a lot of Karmas whose fruits are not received in the same lifetime, which are then carried to the next life and then the next and then the .... (till infinity unless you continuously evolve and eventually achieve Moksha).

Therefore in every sense, our present Karmas are the building blocks of our lives and our senses are the roots of our Karmas. If we use our senses in a regulated manner to perform good karmas with pure intention, then we are bound to bear its positive fruits (irrespective of the lifetime). As Lord Krishna said that
we shouldn't worry too much about the results; just focusing on our senses and using them positively will take us to the right direction.