Saturday, July 27, 2013

Karma, Luck and Destiny - Part-3

We have already discussed Karma and Luck in the first two parts of this three part series of articles. Now is the turn of Destiny - 

As per Free dictionary, Destiny is a predetermined course of events that are considered to be beyond the control of human beings. 

It is this predetermined course of events that we have to understand in order to understand our destiny. A lot of people understand destiny as fate; however, it is not an appropriate and sufficient condition. Because, people confuse or substitute destiny as fate which is not true. To be more precise, let me elaborate on the following:

"Our fate decides our destiny but our destiny does not decide our fate." 

Clearly, our fate is something which will take us closer to our destiny but fate is not the same as destiny. Then, the more important question that comes to everyone's mind is - 

"If fate is different than destiny, then what is destiny."

I will not hesitate to say that Destiny is our destination - it is our target for this life. For example, if a person feels that Software development is his destination, then so be it. Software development, indeed is that person's destiny. 

Human beings have been assigned different targets for their lives. Therefore, everyone of us work in different roles to achieve their respective targets. The entire population of earth doesn't work in software development or the entire population of earth does not produce goods. These targets or goals are based on the past karmas (hard work), luck, aptitude and evolution of the soul of the person. 

Based on these factors, a human being is assigned a role for his present life. However, if this is destiny, then why do people keep changing their targets. That is because, once a person has realized his destiny, then he needs to re-visit his targets just to ensure that he continues on the path of progression or evolution. In case the person doesn't do that, then he is bound to stagnate after realizing his destiny.

However, another potent question comes that if a person keeps on moving from one target to another, then is life really a never ending chain? Well, the answer to this is Life is never ending as well as ending. 

It is pertinent to note that any human being in his quest for greater satisfaction is eventually reaching close to a point from where he will set GOD realization as his ultimate destiny or final destiny or final station. It is this destination that every human being is bound to reach sooner or later. Some may reach here early because of their faster evolution while others may take time as they are focused on other targets of their lives.

Also, it is not important for a person to be super-rich or super-powerful to identify his ultimate destination. It is just a matter of evolution of a person's mind. If your mind has evolved, then obviously you can strive for the final destination. 

But is God realization really our final destination? If yes, then why and If not, then why not? I will touch this topic in my next post and try to throw some light on it.