Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Minimizing negativity in your life?

Attraction is the principal element when we talk of positives or negatives. Everyone's life is full of such experiences that may be negative or positive. I have seen a lot of people, who experience negativity, will start questioning - 'Why Me?'

They will start acting as if they are the biggest victim of a conspiracy by universe.

Well the above statement is partially true and partially false. 'Conspiracy by Universe' is true whereas 'Biggest Victim' is false. In this entire universe, plenty of people suffer in their lives which is as per the laws of the universe and hence, it is a conspiracy or a plan. On the contrary, it is wrong to assume that I am the biggest victim in the entire world or universe. It is against the laws of universe/nature, because nature is ruthless and when it punishes someone, it doesn't care whether the concerned person is a rich or poor person OR whether someone is a famous actor, sports-star, politician or a business tycoon.

So whenever you suffer, the ideal position to take is that it happens to everyone and if not everyone, people do suffer in their own ways for their actions. The following thoughts should also help:
  1. I am suffering because of my actions and no one else is responsible for it. 
  2. I pledge that I will rectify my mistakes so that I can offer better future to my family, kids, society and to myself.
  3. I will ensure optimum and fruitful utilization of resources that GOD has gifted me.
If we keep the above points in mind, then I think we can minimize the DEVIL known as negativity. After all, a negative experience brings negative thoughts in mind and negative thoughts further mushroom at a fast pace. As a result, our mind which has so much potential and power simply becomes a 'Garbage Dump'.

Tell me one thing, when some garbage enters your house or garden, then what do you do?
  1. Do you invite more garbage? NO
Your simple and natural reaction is to throw the existing garbage out of your house or garden.

Then, why don't you follow the same practice in case of your mind? Why don't you simply throw the garbage to keep your mind clean?

But your natural reaction is to think negative and that is how you invite more negativity into your mind. Therefore, we can safely say that, 

More Negativity = More Garbage (in case of your mind)

In the interest of self realization and in the interest of sustainable development and growth of our coming generation, it is imperative that we religiously follow the practice of throwing negativity out of our mind irrespective of our life situation. That is the best way to deal with it.