Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dr. Subramanian Swamy - An introduction

On this Independence Day, I wish Happy Independence to all my Indian brothers and sisters. On this auspicious day, I would like to talk of Dr. Swamy who is in a league of his own and it does seem that stepping into his shoes will be a gragantuan task. 

I strongly feel that media either doesn't portray Dr. Swamy at all OR wrongly portrays him to the Indians. Even then, he has been able to touch the nerve of many young people of the country. I have interacted with number of youngsters whose eyes sparkle just by mentioning Dr. Swamy. This has led me to believe that Dr. Swamy is the voice of India's youth and vice versa. 

Dr. Subramanian Swamy is a man of actions. He does what he strongly believes is right and he places his heart and soul into each of his action. He is level headed, objective, unbiased, scientific and multi-dimensional

The best characteristic of Dr. Swamy is his commitment towards fulfilling 'National Goals' irrespective of the successes and failures that may come across. It is this characteristic that makes him unique in comparison to others primarily due to the following reasons:
  1. He is working hard to make India a better country of responsible citizens who are aware of their duties.
  2. Any form of opinion or slander is having no impact on him - that is, Dr. Swamy doesn't feel sad nor does he get excited. 
It is extremely rare for any person (leave a Harvard educated politician) to have this quality. To add to the woes of the corrupts and incorrigible ones, Dr. Swamy is an extremely goal oriented person who will achieve the 'National objectives' irrespective of the bias that is witnessed against him in the media.  

Dr. Swamy's other worldly qualifications are visible to all however, just to re-iterate, he has done his PHD in economics from Harvard, Masters in Stats from ISI Calcutta and Maths (Hons) from Hindu College (DU). Dr. Swamy completed his PHD in 1960s which is way back at a time when many in India used to dream of a government job. Obviously, Dr. Swamy is miles ahead of others in the Indian political scenario.

Dr. Swamy has also been quite pivotal in achieving a lot of milestones for India irrespective of the adversities that he faced while working on those milestones. For example, the JP movement during emergency days, his fight for saving Ram-Setu, 2G scam case and many others. 

Yes, Dr. Swamy is a no-nonsense and an honest person which flusters a lot of people in media and politics. That is why, a lot of them attempt try to thwart him in order to minimize their damage. However, Dr. Swamy is now expanding by each passing day - He has joined BJP which is surely going to send chill down the spine of many, especially the Congis.

Indian politics is now experiencing the shifting of Tectonic plates and a Political Earthquake is just round the corner. This 'Political Earthquake' will shift the dynamics so significantly that India will redeem herself from more than 1000 years of slavery and our motherland will be able to free herself from the clutches of slavery - not just physical but mental slavery as well. 

Very soon, our motherland will witness a new dawn wherein the dream of SUPERPOWER will become possible. India's rise will be visible to everyone in the world and mark my words that Dr. Swamy will be pivotal to India's rise. 

Till then, enjoy the ride .... and HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all.