Friday, September 13, 2013

Hindus suffering continues in SP ruled Uttar Pradesh

The recent chain of events that have taken place in Muzaffarnagar and other parts of UP indicate disturbing emerging trends in UP's societal landscape. The events clearly highlight that the so-called minority community (muslims) is not so secular in places where it is in majority or where it is even 30-40% of the total population. 

According to an MHA report on communal riots and crime against women, the state of UP witnessed the maximum number of such riots (104) in comparison to other Indian states during 2012. This is an alarming trend, which if not restrained, could result in further escalation of the conflict between Hindus and muslims. Recent events in UP have further increased tensions between Hindus and muslims which highlight the existence of a strong undercurrent. Eve-teasing and rape of Hindu girls have been the root cause for these clashes (which clearly indicates the application of Love Jihad and Rape techniques to bring the Hindu women under muslim control). 

Please find below a brief version of the events that resulted in the escalation of conflicts between Hindus and Muslims:

Some muslim youngsters regularly eve-teased Hindu Jat school girls during their journey to and from schools. When the girls reported this to their family members, their brothers started escorting them to school. However, this did not stop the muslims from passing lewd remarks. The brothers (Gaurav and Sachin) of the girl confronted Sahnawaz Qureshi (one of the offenders); however, as the fight escalated, they killed the offender. 

Meanwhile, other members of muslim community gathered and chased down Gaurav and Sachin and then brutally killed them. This clearly indicates that muslims supported the criminal minded Qureshi and other muslim offenders. Moreover, they were unwilling to cooperate with Hindu Jats in identifying and punishing other culprits. The Hindus also tried to file FIR but their requests were ignored by the police which was under the command of a muslim SSP. 

As a result, the Hindu Jats organized a Mahapanchayat to counter the growing menace of eve-teasing of Hindu girls in muslim dominated areas. At the same time, the muslims devised an ambush strategy to kill more Hindus in order to discourage them from taking any sort of corrective action. The muslims hid in mosques with weapons and other ammunition to ambush Hindu Jats and killed some of the Hindus in their usual cowardly manner. The killings further angered the Hindus and hence began the riots. 

Till the time, Hindus didn't respond, no action was taken but the moment Hindus started retaliating, the SP government took help of CRPF and Army to suppress Hindu anger.

On the other hand, a number of Hindus from muslim dominated villages and towns are being asked to relocate to other locations on the pretext of avoiding riots. Practically, these muslim dominated villages will become 100% muslim and Muzaffarnagar will become 100% Islamized in another 3 to 5 years. 

In such a scenario, what is the guarantee that people of Muzaffarnagar will not demand independence and call all this rioting a freedom struggle.

I am not surprised with the growing aggression of muslims in UP as they seem to have crossed the minimum threshold level of 20% of total population in the state. The following are some of the factors (together) that have contributed to this increasingly aggressive behavior: 
  1. Appeasement politics through mindless introduction of pro-muslims policies in order to garner their votes
  2. Increasing influence of muslim leaders (who are part of the ruling party) in the state affairs
  3. Growing share of muslim population in various parts of UP
While we can attribute the increasing number of riots to failure of state government, the growing confidence of muslims to fight with Hindus can also not be ignored. The increasing number of riots clearly indicate execution of a plan which is an inseparable part of the sub-conscious of every muslim.

In order to understand the natural sub-conscious plan of muslims, we must understand their behavior when they are at different levels of population. This is further explained below:
  1. When in Minority (less than 20%)
    1. Play the victim card to gain the sympathy of political heads. 
    2. Vote as a group in favor of one leader to ensure that he wins and once he wins, pressurize him to introduce policies favorable to Islam. 
    3. Split the votes of majority community (Hindus) to ensure that they do not get a strong voice on a political platform.
    4. Use Love Jihad to get Hindu women under their fold.
  2. When muslims exceed the minimum threshold of 20% (between 20% and 50%)
    1. Become more vocal about their rights based on Islam. 
    2. Initiate aggression and hostility towards other communities such as Hindus, Christians and others. 
    3. Demand implementation of Shariah 
    4. Adopt techniques such as love jihad, rape and rioting to provoke members of the other religion (in India's case, it is Hindus) and then later on try to show themselves as sufferers in the hands of majority.
    5. Blackmail the authorities on the pretext of "Law and Order" issues to avoid justified punishment for their crimes. 
    6. As a result, the leader does not take any action which encourages other Muslims to commit similar crimes. 
  3. When in Majority (more than 50%) -- (Ethnic Cleansing Phase)
    1. Muslims will start implementing their goals more aggressively. 
    2. Blackmail political leaders, suppress other communities and implement Shariah in spite of secular governments. 
    3. Make life of minorities miserable through kidnap, rape and forced marriages of Hindu females with Muslim males. 
    4. Provide all facilities to people of their religion but ignore Hindus, Christians or others. 
    5. Ask Hindus to convert to Islam to be able to get better education, roads, infrastructure and finance. 
    6. Convert Hindus or murder them to ensure the hegemony of Islam
Currently, muslims are at level 2 in UP; however, they have already initiated suppression of Hindus to gain control of the state. This is primarily because the ruling party (SP) is under strong influence of some muslim leaders (Azam Khan). "Law and Order" is in bad shape and a number of riots have taken place under the leadership of Akhilesh Yadav.  

The immediate rectification of UP situation lies in the imposing President's rule. This is because SP is protecting the aggressors (muslims) and punishing the victims (Hindus). Therefore, SP has lost all the moral right to rule UP due to the increasingly deteriorating "Law and Order" situation as well as Hindus' lack of trust in relation to a fair investigation into these riots.