Friday, October 18, 2013

The Argumentative Secular

I have had a lot of interactions with my fellow Indians from different backgrounds. Besides the small talk and other stuff, most of the times I have ended up discussing the political situation of our country. While I do see that a common Indian is gradually waking up to the crimes committed by Congress, I still feel that he is quite reluctant to accept the inherent flaws in his support for Congress. Given the extent of my conversations, I can classify these congress supporters into the following categories: 
  1. Half Patriots Seculars: These people feel for the motherland however, they do not have the courage to raise their voice openly. One common trait in them is cowardice because they are scared to accept that Congress is a partner of Islam in its undeclared war on India. Due to this cowardice, these half patriots hide in the Burqa of Secularism. And no other party except congress symbolizes cowardice and pseudo secularism perfectly - hence, the support. Consequently, these seculars will fight tooth and nail to defend secularism and also try to show that Islam is not at all that bad. They are willing to die for the motherland but are unwilling to accept the weaknesses of Islam. They are not even prepared to tackle Islam with proper solutions. Majority of confused middle-class Hindus are in this category.
  2. Naive and rural: Although their number is getting marginalized on a daily basis, they still exist. And to everyone's shock, they still believe in the false legend of Congress. They believe that the fake Gandhis can deliver the goods just as Mahatma Gandhi did back in 1947. Mostly innocent rural people, who are unaware that they and their upcoming generations have been ripped permanently from leading a dignified life, come under this bracket. They fail to understand why more and more Indians are becoming increasingly assertive about their rights. They like to be led by a charming personality whether it is Rajiv, Indira OR Rahul Gandhi (aka Buddhu).
  3. Pure-play mercenaries: They are willing to trade their support for a particular party in exchange of favors. These favors could be in the form of money, alcohol, reservations, jobs, business opportunities etc. The mercenaries are the most selfish and do not have any love, whatsoever, for the motherland. They are predominantly parasites who thrive on the flaws that exist in our system. Majority of muslims (whether modern or traditional), christians, journalists, businessmen and politicians form this category.
Out of the above categories, I believe that the first two categories can be tackled and their flawed thinking can be appropriately rectified; however, the people in the last category do seem to be beyond repair.  

I have had a chance to interact with people from all of the above categories and I believe that the first step towards delivering justice to motherland will be by rectifying the flawed thought processes of first two categories. If the first two categories understand the dangerous design, then we can automatically nullify the purpose of the entire system and machinery that Congress has created over the years. 

In order to rectify the thought process, we must understand the mind of a secular OR should I say the pseudo secular. This will serve dual purposes viz. deconstruction of flaws in their thought processes and reconstruction or revitalization of true Bharatiya identity in them. Once we achieve these purposes, we will succeed in forming a united front against Congress and other fake parties such as AAP, SP, BSP etc. 

For the same, I would like to highlight the following arguments that are favorites of Pseudo seculars: 

Indians are born corrupt
This is one of the most common line of defense of pseudos and pessimists. Their wrongly bred inferiority complex helps them to talk good of Western values and denounce anything that is Indian OR Indian value system based. Therefore, their inferiority complex is the driver of their confidence which makes them sound prophetic, as if India will continue to remain a corrupt country. Moreover, they discourage others to fight within the system.   

Educated and Good people should not enter politics because all politicians are bad
This is one of the most absurd and naive arguments I have come across from the seculars. Such an argument is a result of 'Nothing left to defend' situation, i.e. when the seculars have nothing left to defend Congress, they will pronounce that every Politician is corrupt whether in BJP OR Congress leaving no room for you to take the discussion forward. My simple counter question to their argument is that if educated people are prohibited from entering Politics, then what kind of environment are you leaving for your next generation.

People should first change from within and bring positive attitudinal change in others
Again when "Nothing left to Defend" situation wherein the seculars will argue that we need to stop giving bribes in order to get our work done. Of course, we should do that but aren't the political leaders responsible for the welfare of the common man. If the common man has to suffer because of the system, then he has the right to punish the people who run such a system. From another perspective, India is witnessing multiple challenges in the form of low foreign investment, high inflation and unstable business environment. 

Under these circumstances, what do the seculars favor -- that we should stop buying onions, pulses and other commodities. We should refrain from eating onions and pulses as it will be the perfect example of changing ourselves and as a result corruption will end automatically. We should not drive cars in the night in order to control fuel consumption but the Oil PSUs have the freedom to suffer losses and the government has the freedom to increase oil prices. 

Will our control on the consumption of OIL stop this moronic government from looting us? Come'on guys, are you living in fairyland or what?

Terror has no religion
This is one of the most popular arguments of seculars. Every time a terrorist strikes our motherland, our intellectual seculars will jump to say that terror has no religion. Even Hindus have committed terrorist strikes and killed innocent people. This is comparing Apples with Oranges. 

Tell me guys, if Hindus are Fanatics then what is the extent of damage (in terms of loss of lives) that has been caused by the so-called Fanatic Hindus? While looking at this answer, do analyse the history of Islam and the extent of damage it has caused in terms of loss of innocent lives. If this doesn't satisfy you, then you can continue to live in the Fairy tale world of secularism.

You are not a Hindu if you believe in retaliatory methods of resolving conflicts
Whenever the seculars start losing the arguments, they will narrow down the definition of Hinduism. They will cite example of Gandhi's non-violent struggle against the British but conveniently ignore the violence that resulted from India's partition. They will ignore that Gandhi was responsible for this partition. Then on this basis, how come Gandhi becomes the beacon of non-violence.

Moreover, how many Hindu homes truly worship Gandhi as a GOD? How many Hindus accept Gandhi's doctrine of non-violence as a word of GOD? If that is not the case, then who gives these seculars the right to twist Gandhi's philosophy for suppressing Hindu anger? 

I want to ask these Seculars to name one Hindu GOD who has not resorted to war in case of a requirement. Hindus do believe that WAR should be the last option but at the same time HINDUS should not be shy of fighting if they realize that the enemy is not going to understand peace (OR Pyaar kee Bhasha).