Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hanuman's Story


Lord Hanuman, an avatar of Lord Shiva, is one of the main protagonists of Ramayana. He took birth to help Lord Sri Ram for re-establishing the dominance of good over evil. As Hanuman was born with gifted talents, his powers and siddhis were visible from the day one of his birth. 

He was son of Devi Anjana and Vanar king Kesari who were no ordinary beings. While Kesari was the chief of Vanara army of Sugriva, Devi Anjana was an apsara in her previous birth. Since Lord Vaayu helped Devi Anjana to eat the divine pudding that led to Hanuman's birth, he became the Godfather of Lord Hanuman. At the time of Hanuman's birth, Sri Ram also arrived on earth along with his brothers.

Lord Hanuman's natural capability to protect the downtrodden, help the needy and acquire knowledge of vedas was evident from early childhood. However Lord Hanuman was quite mischievous as a child and he did annoy a lot of sages through his naughty acts. 

Consequently various sages, using their power of Tapasya, ensured that Lord Hanuman forgets his knowledge and siddhis. This was primarily done to control the mischiefs of Lord Hanuman. Nonetheless, the sages knew that Hanuman had taken birth for a special purpose and therefore, they also established a way through which he will realize his full potential at an appropriate time.

Once, Lord Hanuman charged towards Sun God thinking that he is a fruit. When Indra saw a young child charging towards SUN, he used thunderbolt to stop him. However, Indra's power of thunderbolt killed Hanuman. Lord Vaayu, who was Hanuman's Godfather, threatened the GODS that he will suck away all air from earth which will make life impossible for all living beings. 

The Gods knew that Hanuman was badly needed to restore the balance on earth. The Gods were also aware that the primary objective of Hanuman's birth was to help Narayana. As a result, Lord Shiva brought Hanuman back to life and other GODS (including Indra) generously granted boons to Hanuman.

I will post more information in future, as one post is not sufficient to capture everything about the Legend of Lord Hanuman. Therefore, I request you to patiently wait for more.