Monday, October 28, 2013

Dr. Subramanian Swamy - A note on his achievements

This article is dedicated to Dr. Subramanian Swamy whose hard work and perseverance has inspired the hearts of millions of Hindus and who continues to fight this war to save the ancient Indian culture. 

While it is natural for a Congress supporter to oppose Dr. Swamy on whatever pretexts, I have also seen some patriots getting confused about the intentions of Dr. Swamy. Such confusions could be attributed to following:
  1. False knowledge: This normally happens when you give weightage to media cooked stories OR perceptions of a biased person (a person whose thought frequency is incongruent with India's interests).
  2. Half knowledge: This happens when you are attracted towards the efforts of Dr. Swamy and try to understand his life; however, during the mid-way you become too lazy to understand his efforts in entirety. 
In order to clear the Congress and media haze that surrounds Dr. Swamy, please find below details of his achievements in India's context:

2G Spectrum Scam 
  1. 2008 - Dr. Swamy wrote letters to PM on 2G spectrum allocation from the very beginning, i.e. in 2008 - the year in which the licenses were allocated. In the letters, Dr. Swamy clearly highlighted the discrepancies in the method of spectrum allocation; however, our PM did not deem it fit to respond or take any action. 
  2. 2009 - Under the instructions of Central Vigilance Commission, the CBI filed a charge sheet in the 2G spectrum allocation. However, the CBI neither included any names nor pursued the matter with any seriousness.
  3. 2010 - CAG, in its report on 2G spectrum allocation, highlighted a loss INR 1.76 lakh crore. The scam was evident and more information such as Radia tapes got leaked. Suddenly, all hell broke loose as people took notice of the scam. 
    • During this time, Dr. Swamy requested Delhi HC to instruct our PM to prosecute A Raja for his involvement in 2G scam.
    • Delhi HC refuses to do so and Dr. Swamy moves to the SC.
    • A. Raja resigned as Telecom minister.
  4. 2011 - Dr. Swamy moves SC for cancellation of 122 2G licenses
  5. 2012 - The SC cancelled all 122 licenses allotted by A. Raja and also imposed a fine of INR 50 million on Unitech wireless, Swan Telecom and Tata Teleservices. 
A landmark judgement was taken due to persistent efforts of Dr. Swamy who single handedly shook the corrupt walls of Congress.

Ramsetu Case
Ramsetu was a bridge that was used by Sri Ram to reach Lanka. Nal and Neel were two engineers who were pivotal in building Ramsetu. Therefore, Ramsetu is quite important for the Hindus and Hinduism. The UPA government, knowing fully that Ramsetu has cultural and religious significance for Hindus, completely disregarded the belief of majority and went ahead with a proposal to build a Sethusamundram Shipping Channel Project (SCCP) which would require dredging of Ramsetu.

In 2007, the Supreme Court (SC) prevented the UPA from going ahead with the project. Rather, the SC suggested that the present government identify another route to build a shipping channel.

Meanwhile, Dr. Swamy filed a petition in the court for scrapping the project. The case is still on; however, the UPA has very little left to defend as the project is completely unviable. Dr. Swamy has cited the following reasons for scrapping the SCCP:
  1. Ecological Imbalance: The project is a threat to the natural beauty of the site. Dredging Ramsetu will not only devastate the already endangered species of that region but also create an imbalance which could result in more natural disasters such as Tsunamis.
  2. Threat to India's Security: Dredging the route of Ramsetu will shorten the distance between India and Sri Lanka. Moreover, India's Southern tip will be easily accessible to foreign naval forces. Therefore, it is indeed a threat to India's naturally built self defense mechanism in the form of Ramsetu.
  3. Deliberate attempt to undermine Hindu Beliefs: The UPA has many times questioned the existence of Sri Ram to achieve their petty selfish gains. Moreover, the implementation of SCCP will allow Christian missionaries to target CONFUSED HINDUS for the purpose of conversion which will eventually help Christianity to increase its base in India. 
The current government has shaken hands with Muslim and Christian organizations. Moreover, Sonia Gandhi, who holds considerable influence on Congress & its allies, is a staunch christian who has little or no respect for Hindu traditions. She is also quite close to Opus Dei and Vatican whose primary objective is to increase the Christian headcount across the world. Dredging of Ram Setu is a well planned strategy to influence vulnerable Hindu mindset in order to induce them to convert.

Replacement of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) System 

Dr. Swamy has already proved that the EVMs are not tamper proof. The UPA has very subtly conducted a much bigger fraud on Indians through the EVM system. For example, an analysis of past LS elections indicates that nearly 165 LS seats were won or lost by just 10,000 votes. And these are constituencies where the average voting population is around 15 lakhs voters. Apparently, the gullible Indians are not aware of the EVM fraud and continue to believe that UPA-II is a fairly elected coalition at the centre. 

Another notable fact is that many developed countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, France, Japan and Singapore do not use EVMs. In US, the EVM with a paper trail is used. However, India continues to be an exception where EVMs without paper trail are used.

Just recently, the SC has agreed with Dr. Swamy regarding the vulnerability of EVMs. As a result, the SC has directed the Election Commission to introduce VVPAT system before the next general elections of 2014. The VVPAT system is not just about BJP, Congress or any other party, on the contrary it is about facilitating a transparent voting mechanism to the electorate.  

Besides the above cases, Dr. Subramanian Swamy has also been at the forefront of number of other cases such as Aircel-Maxis Deal, AirAsia deal, Jet-Etihad deal and Hashimpura massacre. We will cover these cases in the part-II of the article.

The success in above cases is reflective of Dr. Swamy's intellectual capabilities, fighting spirit and sense of nationalism. He has fought long and hard against large ticket corruption cases which has shown the common man that justice can be delivered in our country. 

I sincerely request all true patriots to form their opinions only after conducting a thorough investigation of the facts that are available through different sources. Please do not fall for the media stories especially those that are slanderous in nature.  

The "Best of Dr. Swamy" is still to come - It will be better if you tighten up your seat belts whether you like it or not :)