Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ugly face of India's Mainstream Media (MSM)

Media and Ethics in India are inversely proportional because nowdays you will rarely find media to perform a true, investigative and fair role in broadcasting news. No doubt it has become the most fertile ground to run propagandas for political parties and large business houses. Money is the underlying motivation to showcase news that favor selective clients.  

Media is playing a role of a "Pure-play Mercenary" whose only objective is revenue maximization through any means i.e. ethical or unethical. Since, these pure-play media mercenaries are prone to adopt unethical methods of revenue maximization, the Congress and Communists are their natural allies. However, the Congress has taken complete control over these media houses. Under such circumstances, how can the public expect that the news on media channels are not unbiased.

While most of the businesses follow Organic or Inorganic growth strategies to increase their market share and influence, Indian media adopts the Dynastic growth to achieve the same objective at a higher pace. 

A Dynastic growth is the most efficient because it allows businesses to go full throttle towards profit maximization. The following are the major characteristics of this strategy:
  1. Favor the dynasty in return for undue favorsIndian media pleases the Dynasty in a simple but highly effective manner given as below:
    • Target enemies of Dynasty: Persistently hound celebrities or personalities that have the capability to challenge the Dynasty OR its pervert agenda. Fabricate stories and run false propagandas to defame such powerful personalities. Perform the roles of investigating agencies, judiciary and other relevant committees AND then pass the judgement, final sentence and ultimate lessons from the case during 30 minute prime time debates. Indian media leverages wealth of its resources to harass prominent personalities and also to influence the perception of the common man. People such as Nitin Gadkari, Swamy Nityanand, Asaram Bapu and Swamy Ramdev have been under the line of fire of media. 
    • Ignore/Justify the faults of Dynasty: Ignore the wrongs and scream on top of the voices for any little good done by Dynasty. This has been the mantra for survival, fame and growth amongst the media guys. Till date, the media has not had the courage to name the major culprits of various scams in UPA-II for example, Sonia, Raul, Bianca and Sonia's Italian sisters. These people have enjoyed maximum benefits at at the cost of taxpayers money.
  2. The undue favors is a license to adopt Ignoble methods to further increase growth
  3. Ignoble methods include Blackmailing, Sting Operations, Driving popularity of new & favorable laws, Supply of Liquor & Drugs, Women exploitation and Targeting opponents on false charges. 
Media's blatant use of the Dynastic politics has helped them to wield considerable influence over people's perception across the country. 

However, mainstream media's current way of functioning has caused significant mess in India's political, administrative and economic eco-system. It has given vertical as well as horizontal push to the black money economy and corruption. Media has transformed unorganized corruption into organized corruption. 

Clearly, the transformation has caused a lot of anguish and frustration amongst the youth of the country. This is because India's youth refuses to be enamored by the Gandhis in exchange of accepting corruption as a way of life. The youth demands performance, transparency, development and equality for each Indian. Congress, during its 60 years of rule, has failed miserably to offer sustainable solutions in these areas. In spite of the failure in governance, our media still blindly favors the Gandhis. 

Nonetheless, the common man is now beginning to understand the difference between ideal and actual role of mainstream media. As a result, many youngsters (within the bracket of 18-35) have begun to voice their opinions on parallel channels like Social Media. This has somewhat restrained media to go full throttle, nonetheless, it's inclination towards the Dynasty is quite visible. The following are some of the examples that highlight the "not so neutral" side of Indian media:
  1. National Herald Scam: Rahul and Sonia are the main beneficiaries and the evidence of their involvement is crystal clear. The scam enabled the Gandhis to loot National Herald's property worth INR 2000 crores in return of a petty loan worth INR 90 crores. The major parties involved are given below:
    1. National Herald - A newspaper which was closed in 2008 due to financial crisis
    2. Associated Journals Ltd - The publishers of National Herald 
    3. Young Indian - A trust company formed in 2010 with Rahul & Sonia havings 76% shareholding
    4. Congress Party
  2. 2G spectrum: A. Raja was shown and declared as the major culprit; however, others such as Chidambram, Sonia and her sisters were the major beneficiaries who were deliberately kept out of the media focus. 
  3. Thorium Scam: Thorium is a highly powerful material that can be used in nuclear reactors with very less adverse affects. Initially, export of Thorium was not possible because it was a prescribed substance under the Atomic Energy Act. However, our PM Dr. Manmohan Singh delisted this product in order to allow its export to foreign countries, particularly USA. Thorium is India's great Oil discovery, then why our Indian media is silent on highlighting this scam to general public? 
  4. CWG Scam: Kalmadi was made the scapegoat for the entire scam but other prominent leaders like Shiela Dikshit and Sandeep Dikshit were also involved. The cuts of the scam went right up to the top of the pyramid but Media simply did not show any spine in getting hold of the main culprits.
Media continues to ignore plenty of other issues because it helps them to make Super-normal profits. For example, the media has not made any effort to highlight the injustice done to Sukanya Devi who was raped by Rahul Gandhi and his foreign friends in Amethi. The Robert Vadra land scams were on the news channels only for couple of days and then went off. Dynasty's close connections are also let off by the media, for example, Tarun Tejpal 's rape of a 22 year old girl who worked as an employee of Tehelka. 

The media has not shown the same passion and intensity in following up with cases that involved the Dynasty.

Compare this with other news such as that of Bapu Asaram whose not been proved guilty but he has already been adjudged as a culprit. Nitin Gadkari was hounded 24/7 for allowing his employees to be the director but nothing came out of the scam and nothing was proved. Recently, the Uttarakhand government has filed 81 cases against Baba Ramdev to not only harass, blackmail and defame him but to shut his voice against Dynasty. 

In other cases, particularly in relation to Dynasty's opponents, our mainstream media has put in 500% effort to create smoke out of thin air. 

Given the facts, the mainstream media needs to change its course, that is, switch from a Dynastic to a Dynamic-Democratic system wherein it allows the voice of common people to be heard across the country. The media also needs to be more accountable towards the quality and factual correctness of news it is reporting. If media fails to take these steps, then it risks losing its relevance completely.