Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why should we reject the idea of AAP?

If you can't win, then spoil BJP's victory by allowing a cheap 3rd grade party to contest elections.

 This is not Dirty Tricks but OLD Congress strategy 

Arvind Kejriwal formed Aam Admi Party (AAP) to introduce corruption free governance in India; however, his party seems to be faltering even before achieving any victory. On the face, it seems that these are mere accusations but a deeper insight indicates that Kejriwal's political journey is loaded with lies. It also tells us that Mr. Kejriwal is offering nothing but a slightly refined version of BSP and SP in Delhi. If that is the case, then we (the common citizens) should reject AAP from the very beginning. 

Just recently, Mr. Kejriwal also had to confront some genuine questions against the functioning of his party which he completely failed to address. Given that AAP is a new party, Mr. Kejriwal should take extra care in setting an example; however, his attitude signifies that AAP was never formed to offer transparent governance.  

Understanding the inner workings and intentions of AAP and Mr. Kejriwal is also important because it will help us to form a 360 degree view of AAP. Keeping this in mind, the following are some of the points that every voter must ponder upon before voting for AAP:

Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi rejected AAP
Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi never became part of AAP. Why? Because, they felt that adding a political dimension will reduce the relevance of a civil society based anti-corruption movement. Moreover, Anna and Kiran Bedi had a better understanding of the internal dynamics of IAC's anti-corruption team which enabled them to reject the formation of a political front. 

Anna and Kiran were also the most honest and clean leaders of the anti-corruption movement. Without them, AAP looks more like a typical power hungry party which is willing to perform any cheap stunt for winning more votes. 

Kejriwal  The most Honest Leader
Mr. Kejriwal loves to portray himself as the savior of common man; however, plenty of loopholes can be identified in his own conduct which indicate that his honesty is simply a facade. AAP has used aggressive perception management techniques to maintain its reputation of being a transparent and anti-corruption party  for example, Internal Lokpal, List of donors on website etc. These are farce attempts to fool the gullible public because since its formation, AAP has not punished a single person through Internal Lokpal. Also, AAP categorically declares that it will not take Suo Moto action against its own party members but establish an inquiry only if someone files a complaint. Obviously, AAP lacks the intent to deliver transparent governance because the party was never serious about it.

Going forward, the questions below are specific to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who is so fond of beating the "Most Honest" drum: 
  1. Why was Mr. Kejriwal never never transferred out of Delhi during 15 years of his service?
  2. Why were SIM cards issued in Anna's name due to which Anna became an accused in the SIM card scam? 
  3. Why were the funds collected in the anti-corruption movement misused? If the funds were not misused, then why is Anna questioning the improper utilization of such funds?   
  4. Why have the Pakistani Islamists launched an online donation campaign for AAP?
  5. Why Anna's name was used for campaigning in Delhi Assembly when you had already refused using his name? 
  6. How come Mr. Kejriwal has three voter IDs from Sahibabad, New Delhi and Seemapuri? 
  7. Why were you so much willing to make Anna a martyr when he was fasting in the anti-corruption movement? 
  8. Why did Mr. Kejriwal end his fast until death midway?
IT Commissioner
Mr. Kejriwal stressed many times that he would have earned crores had he continued as an IT commissioner. This is simply an attempt to highlight his sacrifice which is in sync with media's portrayal of Sonia Gandhi as a sacrificial goddess after 2004 elections. However, the public should not be fooled by such theatrics because these attempts are only symbolic in nature which only misguide public on an emotional plane. Therefore, the common man should assess Kejriwal on the following basis:
  1. Whether Mr. Kejriwal really worked as an IT commissioner during his tenure at Indian Revenue Services (IRS)? The answer is NO, Kejriwal never worked as an IT commissioner The IRS has denied his claim. In my honest opinion, this in itself is a sufficient reason to reject Mr. Kejriwal.
  2. While giving such a statement, Mr. Kejriwal branded every IRS officer as a corrupt person and also maligned the image of IRS. 
AAP & Secularism
Since its formation, AAP has taken a position that is similar to Congress' stand on secularism. In fact, the party has gone a step further to appease the minorities. It has openly supported separation of Kashmir from India (Prashant Bhushan), called Batla encounter fake and also met controversial Muslim leaders like Tauqeer Raza who issued Fatwas against Tasleema Nasreem and George Bush (Ex-President of US). Mr. Kejriwal has also been frequently seen with Imam Bukhari who is quite well known for supporting Islamic rule in India.

AAP is treading on a dangerous path of pseudo-secularism which is harmful for the majority and is against national interests. I would not be shy to call AAP an anti-national party.

Sting Operation
Just recently, a sting operation exposed serious gaps in the internal governance of AAP. It showed prominent and senior party members such as Shazia Ilmi, Dr. Kumar Vishwas and others willingness to sell a seat for INR 2 crores. This is an eye opener for those who think that Kejriwal is in politics for some noble cause. 

Kejriwal's political acumen is no less than that of Digvijay OR Manish Tiwari  rather he is just more refined due to his educational qualification.  

High Decibel sounds
With all the hoopla that surrounds AAP regarding its anti-corruption stand, Kejriwal doesn't really have an impressive on field governance track record. He has only made high decibel sounds that lacked follow up through concrete field work. Given the evidence of corruption in Robert Wadhera land deals, Kejriwal could have easily filed a PIL. However, Kejriwal is more keen on a short-cut route which will obviously adversely influence AAP's anti-corruption stand.

Lack of experience in delivering results through concrete on field activism highlights Mr. Kejriwal's intent to eradicate corruption.

The Lokpal Bluff
Most of the AAP leaders sell on implementing Lokpal to bring transparent governance; however, this is nothing but a white lie. AAP cannot implement lokpal because Delhi is a Union Territory (UT) in which case Parliament approval is a must.  

Weakens our democracy
Let's be practical about it, AAP has no chance of a clean majority in Delhi. If AAP gets a chance to play a role of kingmaker, then the following 3 outcomes will be possible: 

Alliance with Congress
This will be the most likely situation because of the inherent ideological similarities between AAP and Congress for example, Pseudo Secularism and pro-jihadi stand.

This will only result in loss of time, energy and money for the Delhi citizens AND it will be a great injustice to the institute of democracy.

Alliance with BJP
This is highly unlikely because of the ideological differences between AAP and BJP. Moreover, BJP would not prefer to align with AAP primarily because of latter's controversial stand on Batla encounter and meetings with leaders such as Imam Bukhari and Tauqir Raza. 

Your vote to AAP is a vote to Congress and it seriously damages the future of Delhi. In nutshell, Delhi citizens will be deprived of a fresh positive change only because of the nefarious agenda of Congress and AAP.