Friday, December 20, 2013

Camouflaged attacks that are subduing Indians

Post India's independence, last 5 years can be attributed as the most turbulent time of our country. Although our country faced number of external and internal challenges in the form of wars, famine and sluggish economy during the last 66 years, but it never was so much vulnerable as it is today. The vulnerability has risen due to the invisible nature of attacks which are not aimed to cause a physical harm but to cause a permanent psychological harm. The primary objective of such attacks is to facilitate willing submission of Indians to vested interests. 

While forms of such external attacks are subtle, they have been consistently reinforced on millions of Indian minds to effect the required changes in the thought processes. Such consistent reinforcements have gradually led the Indians to believe in farce reality. As a result, many of our fellow citizens are unable to accept that India is under threat from such forces. 

Understanding the nature of attacks and their form is important to accept the gravity of the situation. Therefore, I will first delve into the details of such attacks:

High scale conversion activities
The conversion of Hindus into other religions namely Islam and Christianity is continuing at an unabated pace -- more so due to the tacit support of the Sonia (christian) led Congress government. Many of the Indians are still unaware of this issue OR are pretending to have closed their eyes towards it. Conversion is big business because of the extent of poverty that exists in our country. The Pope and Maulvis exploit the minds of common people primarily through inducement tactics which could be in the form of monetary support and other perks. Our Indian government is also providing formidable support to these anti-national activities through subtle methods like reservations. Please find below some more notable points:
  1. The Pope of Vatican has openly criticized the anti-conversion laws existing in India.
  2. Monetary inducements: The religious groups are spending big in order to get more Indians under the fold of Christianity OR Islam. 
  3. Government Support: Central government and some of the state governments are supporting conversion activities either tacitly or openly. For example, Andhra Pradesh's state government has specially created a website for the promotion of Christianity. This is nothing but blatant misuse of Secularism in our country. On the other hand, the central government is in a hurry to introduce Communal Violence Bill which is a sure shot recipe for communal violence.
  4. Dalits, SC/ST and below poverty line people are the most vulnerable section for conversion
  5. Indian Missions Association has laid out a target of reaching around a billion Indians across different sections (Elite, middle & poor) for conversion purposes. 
  6. The Islamists are using different techniques such as love jihad, terrorism and misrepresentation of facts to convert Hindus to Islam. For example, one of the so-called Islamic leader -- Dr. Zakir Naik has been selectively quoting some verses from our vedic scripture for propagating Islam.
Migration of Bangladeshis
As per government estimates, the total number of Bangladeshis were between 15 million to 20 million in 2007. Moreover, it is an accepted fact that Bangladeshi population increased by 50% during the last 6 years which signifies that the current Bangladeshi population is anywhere around 30 million in India. Such a high migrant population should ring alarm bells in the ears of our current leadership but they have been blind and deaf to the ground realities for quite some time. Some half intellectuals ask why is migration of Bangladeshis such a big issue? Well they should know that Bangladeshis are not in India for the love of India -- they are here because they were unemployed in their home country. Hence, the bottom line for many of them is money and the means to earn it is immaterial. 

Moreover, India based Bangladeshis have been given a long rope due to the appeasement politics of Congress. This has only resulted in higher number of fake currencies and false representation of migrants as Indian citizens on the basis of fake Indian documents. India has also provided the migrants an opportunity to touch base with fundamentalist elements in Pakistan which is resulting in organized terrorism.

Islamization of Kerala and Assam
Everyone knows about the Kashmir issue but many fail to understand that attempts are being made to replicate Kashmir situation in other Indian states such as Kerala and Assam. In Kerala, Islamic radicals have increased the intensity of their attacks on other communities through different strategies -- for example, the muslim youth is  using love jihad to bring more people under the umbrella of Islam. In 2010, VS Achuthanandan (ex-CM of Kerala) stated that Kerala will be Islamized in next 20 years. Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), one of the coalition partners of the present Kerala government, is openly influencing youth of other religions to marry Muslim girls and produce kids by offering them money. Tadiyantavide Nazeer, the LeT chief of South India, has claimed that IUML is working as per a plan which targets complete Islamization of Kerala by 2050. 

Several other Islam related trends highlight the growing radicalization of muslim youth in Kerala. Moreover, IUML is using arm-twisting tactics to blackmail Kerala's state government because the muslim party is an important part of the coalition.   

Education in Schools and Colleges 
The quality and content of school & college education is important because it shapes the supple minds of young ones. If the kids are imparted adulterated knowledge, then it leads to the creation of false perceptions about India's past. It is this false perception that forms the basis of flawed thought processes for the entire life time of a human being. As a result, such a child, when grows up to be an adult, finds it extremely difficult to believe the other version of the history which may be the Truth.

For example, too much importance given to the Mughal rulers in comparison to true Dharma fighters such as Shivaji and Maharana Pratap has enabled the Indians to form a benevolent view of the Mughals even though they were tyrants. Simultaneously, the conspicuous ignorance of Indians on the valour of warriors like Shivaji and Maharana Pratap has only created a sense of inferiority amongst them.

Media's subtle control of Indian minds 
A number of urban Indians fail to understand that mainstream media (MSM) is not an army of robots -- it also consists of humans whose actions will be a function of their own weaknesses. As a result, the politically and monetarily powerful people are easily able to fulfill their own ends by exploiting the weaknesses of media people. This is also evident in the quality of news that MSM has been transmitting to its audience. For example, many MSM channels have pre-dominantly become mouthpieces of political parties like Congress. Their consistent and stubborn effort to cover selective news items which are favorable for the ruling party but unfavorable to the opposition has created dents in the minds of many.

Moreover, our MSM also seems to be quite flexible in broadcasting information that pleases the vested interests in Western countries, for example, excessive coverage on gay rights, minority appeasement and limited coverage on other potent national issues is deplorable.  

If half of the cricket watching population dedicates its time elsewhere in a productive manner, then India will become a developed country due to the increase in productivity hours. Apart from productivity loss, Cricket has also become a lucrative investment option for Mafias and drug lords which further increases corruption in our country. For example, IPL has become a well known annual event for drug parties, betting, spot-fixing and prostitution. The event needs to be managed more cautiously because it invites a number of foreigners who may as well be spy agents from specific countries which is a clear cut threat to India's security.

The underworld controls the content of Bollywood movies through the financing route. Its influence is evident from the fact that many of our movies focus on the glamorization of crime on a back drop of love affairs. Also, one should not forget Abu Salem (well known terrorist) and Monica Bedi who were in limelight a decade ago. While Salem is still in jail, Ms Bedi has been let off on humanitarian grounds. 

One must also understand that Dawood is influencing the mindset of every Indian through consistent presentation of crime intensive, soft porn and romantic movies. This strategy has also misled many to harbor feelings of sympathy towards criminals which is indicative of societal degradation.