Saturday, December 28, 2013

Communal Violence Bill -- A Congress blueprint to suppress Hindus

Communal Violence Bill is not just a recipe to polarize Muslim and Christian votes in favor of Congress, it is a blueprint to dis-integrate the entire social fabric of India. 

Indian National Congress (INC) is an anti-Hindu party whose sole objective is to destroy Hinduism. As Congress is anticipating its decimation in LS-2014, it is attempting every possible means to suppress the Indian majority. One such step is Communal violence bill which the Congress is quite keen to pass before contesting LS elections. When I read the bill, it reminds me the statement of Akbaruddin Owaisi --

"If Indian police doesn't interfere for 15 mins, then we will finish off all the Hindus from India" 

It seems that Congress has taken cue from Owaisi's statement and is now trying for complete subjugation of Indian Hindus. Let me also remind that we have a duty to understand CVB completely and oppose it with all our energies unless we are ok with slaughter of our own brethren OR our upcoming Hindu generations. Now more on CVB ... 

While everyone will agree that eradication of communal violence is important to maintain law and order in the country; implementing laws that offer unreasonable advantage to minorities will have a reverse effect on the society. The Communal Violence Bill (CVB) will adversely impact the peace and harmony among different religions that exist in our country. This is because the CVB contains many flaws which I have explained below: 

Biased and ambiguous definition of the term "Group" 
The bill fails to define "Group" in an unambiguous manner - for example, whether religious minority is on the basis of state demographics OR national demographics. For more details, please see the definition below:

As per the definition above, following are the most notable points:
    1. It is not clear whether minorities will be assessed on the basis of the composition of India's population OR composition of state population.
    2. The CVB has placed special provisions that favor Muslims & Christians, however; it lacks similar provisions for the safety of Hindus. 
    3. Apart from Muslims and Christians, the bill mentions linguistic minorities which could be a group of Bengalis living in Delhi OR Jats living in Kerala etc. Hence, linguistic minority is clearly made to further divide India on the basis of language and state. 
    4. If CVB is drafted on the basis of national demographics, then Hindu minorities in J&K, Nagaland, Mizoram and Meghalaya will be completely ignored. 
    Definition of a Victim
    Please find below a snapshot of the definition of the Victim as per the CVB:

    The above definition comprehensively defines the nature and extent of harm on the victim; however, the definition fails to address its misuse. For more details, please see below:
    1. Physical and monetary harm is understandable but quite honestly, several laws already exist that offer protection to an individual (whether a minority or non-minority) from any kind of physical or monetary harm. 
    2. The other two harms – Mental and psychological highlight the cynical mindset of NAC members. It will lead to the following:
      • Any Muslim Or Christian can file a complaint against any person in majority community (Hindus) on the basis of wild imaginations. What if the victim suffers from a mental disease? 
      • CVB has quite blatantly ignored the rights of the accused to protect himself and it doesn't even offer the accused an opportunity to put forth his/her defense.
    National Authority for Communal Harmony, Justice and Reparation
    As per the Bill, the central government will form a body which will be called National Authority for Communal Harmony, Justice and Reparation. The body will be responsible for the implementation and functioning of the CVB across India. 

    1. The constitutional body will consist of 7 members 
    2. Four minority community members will have a mandatory representation and one member from SC/ST will also form part of the constitutional body.
    3. More importantly, the Chairperson and Vice-chairperson have to be from the minority community only.
    4. All the members, including the Chairperson and Vice-chairperson, will be appointed by President but recommended by the selection committee consisting of PM, leader of opposition in house of people as well as council of states, MHA and chairperson of NHRC.
    The composition of the constitutional body clearly signifies that Hindus will be adjudged guilty in case of a complaint by a Muslim or a Christian as it lacks a proper Hindu representation. 

    Hate Propaganda under the Offences Chapter
    The definition of 'Hate Propaganda' takes away Hindus right to "Freedom of Expression" as it clearly mentions that any person who uses the electronic media to even express his views on Islam/Christianity will be considered to be instigating hatred. NAC has purposefully included electronic media to ensure that no Hindu dares to raise his voice against the propaganda of Congress and mainstream media. That no Hindu dares to raise his voice against muslims instigated communal violence. For more details, please see the snapshot below:

    Any sane person (whether a secular OR non-secular) will understand that this bill is created to offer a platform to minorities to target Hindus. More so, when muslims have a well known track record of instigating violence against the Hindus. Also, the current trends are explicitly indicating that Muslims are gunning for an Islamic rule in India. The increasing turbulence in our country due to violence in Muzaffarnagar, Assam, Kishtwar (J&K), Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and AP (Hyderabad blasts) are only indicating that muslims are silently waging a war against Bharat Mata. And the shameless stamp of approval by Congress-led UPA govt. is making the matters worse. It is a no brainer that who will suffer most due to this ill-conceived bill. 

    Arise, Awake and Stop not until we decimate the evil design of Congress and its allies.