Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why is Arvind Kejriwal flip-flopping?

Arvind Kejriwal who shot to limelight during Anna's movement has now created his space in Indian politics. He has become the CM of Delhi and is now smartly working towards his next goal of destabilizing India which is the main agenda of his entering Indian politics. While many Delhites, who innocently voted for AAP, see its victory as a victory of anti-corruption, they don't realize that the actual control of Delhi still wrests with Congress -- the party they rejected in Delhi Assembly elections. 

Kejriwal's rise highlights the vulnerability of Delhi voters who easily fell for rhetoric and false promises. Quite often, Indians have shown a propensity to choose an option which has led to India's undoing. Trends over the last 66 years indicate that whenever Congress was surrounded by serious corruption charges, it leveraged the weakness of voters to manipulate a confused verdict. 

Therefore intentions of Kejriwal are pertinent to understand, given the continuous flip flops in his stand on corruption and alliance partnerships. Even though media loves to portray Kejriwal as a new phenomenon, all Indians must make an effort to understand his actions rather than depending on spoon feeding by media. 

Flip Flop 1
The first major flip flop and a serious one was that Kejriwal swore on his kids that he will not form an alliance with BJP OR Congress. The proof is given as below:

Given the evidence above, Kejriwal chose Congress to be his partner despite vehemently refusing to form an alliance. This was a shock to many AAP supporters who thought that AAP will not ally with any corrupt party, especially the most corrupt party in the history of India ever. If transparent governance was the only objective, then AAP could have formed a partnership with BJP on a constructive platform. This is because BJP emerged as the single largest party in Delhi.  

But then, Kejriwal & Congress had already planned the entire game for Delhi Assembly elections much before -- only the equation of seats became unexpectedly favorable for AAP in the Delhi elections.   

Flip Flop 2
Plenty of evidences from Anna and Ramdev's movement indicate that Arvind Kejriwal portrayed himself as an anti-corruption crusader. For example, Kejriwal proudly targeted Sheila Dixit for her involvement in various corruption scandals such as CWG scam and power scam. Please see below -- Kejriwal openly talked about Sheila Dixit's role in corruption but remember this speech was before Delhi elections:

People who genuinely supported AAP thinking that Kejriwal will bring some positive change must watch the next evidence which clarifies everything about the hidden agenda -- that Kejriwal is only working as per the instructions of Sonia and CIA-led Ford foundation. When Dr. Harshvardhan (BJP) raised the issue of corruption charges against Sheila Dixit; Kejriwal responded like a typical seasoned neta:

In the above video, Kejriwal's body language tells more than his verbal response -- watch his body language when he answered the question on Sheila's corruption. 

Other promises such as free water upto 700 litres of consumption and 50% reduction in electricity bills have been fulfilled; however, these promises don't seem to serve any good to the common man -- for example, free water is applicable only to households that have installed a water meter. Households not having meters (primarily in unauthorized colonies) will not get any benefits. During the pre-poll campaigning, Kejriwal never clarified that his promises will accrue with the tag of 'Conditions Apply'. 

Kejriwal is fooling Indians openly due to solid backing of CIA, Sonia and Media. Even Congress is trying its best to propel him as the Dynasty is sensing decimation in the upcoming LS elections. Congress' desperation is also visible from the extent of coverage given by MSM to Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. Plenty of evidences also indicate Kejriwal's proximity with anti-national elements such as Tauqueer Reza and Imam Bukhari.   

The battle for 2014 is not just another battle between two parties, rather it is a battle between Nationalistic and Anti-Nationalistic forces, with BJP, Akali Dal and Shiv Sena on the nationalistic side and Congress & its bed partners (including AAP) on the anti-nationalistic side. The importance of LS-2014 can not be ignored as its outcome will shape the future of the world for the next 1,000 years. 

I request every Indian to make an informed decision when voting for a particular party and do not just fall for any traps that are specifically laid out by anti-national elements.