Wednesday, March 5, 2014

About time to constitutionally declare India a Hindu Rashtra

India is a Hindu Rashtra and those Muslims, who do not accept their Hindu ancestry, should be first stripped off their voting rights. And even then, if they don't make amends, then they should be asked to pack their bags and sold to Sheikhs as slaves. That is the ideal treatment for these Traitors.

Germany's 50% population is Christian, still the government calls the country as a Christian nation. Then what is wrong in India (with 75% Hindus) calling itself a Hindu nation. Hindus should not be shy of calling India a Hindu nation because the majority is Hindus. Those who want to live by the Western defined concepts of secularism will not be able to save themselves from the Islamic onslaught which is just round the corner. One must also understand that moderate/modern Muslim is an oxymoron. 

Every Hindu must learn from the history of Jews and if they don't do so, then that day is not far when Hindus will be running away from their one and only homeland to other countries (just like Jews). 

Hindus must also learn from their own past, that is, how the Hindu kings were deceived time and again by the lies of Muslim invaders and how our culture was attacked. We have had enough and it is about time that Hindus be more upfront about their beliefs and react to any kind of attack with swiftness. There is no time for fake secularism which only turn India into an Islamic Republic by 2050.

We must preempt the situation of 2050, else we are surely heading in that direction. There are already several indications such as Kashmiri students celebrating PAK victory, violence in TN and Assam, fatwa in Rameshwaram and the undergoing Islamization of Kerala.

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