Thursday, April 17, 2014

Subramanian Swamy closes in on Fake Gandhis

Dr. Swamy, the real anti-corruption crusader, has not only been a vocal opponent but also the most aggressive and active fighter against the corruption of fake Gandhis. He has been fighting a LONG battle and finally seems to be nailing the Gandhi Dynasty which is the fountainhead of corruption. 

Despite the hiccups and multiple obstacles that were deliberately imposed by UPA and its strong team of sycophants, Dr. Swamy has managed to pull down UPA single-handedly. While many may perceive Anna's 'Lokpal movement' as a Watershed moment in India's modern history, in reality it is not so. The actual Watershed moment of the country took place on February 2, 2012, when SC cancelled all the 122 2G licenses on a petition filed by Dr. Swamy. 

It was this judgement that hit the innermost core of Congress and HIT it so badly that UPA never recovered thereafter. The judgement served two main purposes, firstly, it caused an irreparable damage to Congress led UPA and secondly, it resurrected the faith of people in India's judiciary to some extent. While the second reign of UPA is marred with several scams of large magnitude, it was the 2G spectrum scam that virtually killed the Congress. Nonetheless, Dr. Swamy's role in highlighting Sonia's involvement in all other major scams such as Coalgate, Augusta Westland, National Herald and Jet-Etihad is phenomenal. 

Dr. Swamy has successfully proved Sonia as the original source of all big-ticket scams in our country. Sonia's involvement becomes even more potently clear after the release of two separate books by India's high profile bureaucrats -- Sanjay Baru and PC Parakh. While it may not be feasible to discuss each and every aspect of their books, one common takeaway is the disclosure of the fact that just one power center existed during UPA regime. And everyone knows that it was the Italian waitress who ruled India by remote controlling the spineless Manmohan. 

While many people are quick to appreciate the courage of these bureaucrats, they should also realize that it was Dr. Swamy who has been voicing this view for quite some time -- even before any book was published. In fact, Dr. Swamy's independent and courageous views are based on an extremely serious and methodical approach that has brought him quite closer to nailing Sonia Gandhi who is the mother of all criminals in India. His knowledge about Sonia's past and present actions also indicate his capabilities in nurturing a strong informal intelligence network. The video below is an example of Dr. Swamy's in-depth knowledge on Sonia.

Dr. Swamy's consistent but tangible attacks on Dynasty have taken a toll on Sonia, which is also beginning to show on madam's face. In the recent past, Dr. Swamy has gone to court to nab the culprits on account of their involvement in various scams -- particularly, the National Herald scam. Dr. Swamy has also written letters to India's President on Robert Vadra's involvement with DLF to materialize a real estate deal near Rastrapati Bhavan. The scam has come to limelight not only because of its illegal nature but also due to the nexus between relatives of Political biggies and Real estate firms. While the core motive of the scam was to earn abnormal profits, its implications in terms of National Security threat cannot be overlooked.

Apart from scams, Dr. Swamy has also cracked the business activities of FAKE Gandhis, which helps in understanding their future course of action. For example, Robert Vadhra is involved in building a Hotel in London, which could be his future hideout place to avoid possible arrest in India. 

Dr. Swamy's ability to trace the black money trail of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in multiple banks such as Pictet and SaraSin speaks volumes about his networking capabilities. All those people who claim that these are mere allegations need to improve their research skills. As a matter of fact, if skeptical folks dig up the past claims of Dr. Swamy on the Fake Gandhis and then verify those claims in the present situation, then everything will become crystal clear. Such an effort will enable them to understand that Dr. Swamy's knowledge on the secrets of Sonia and Rahul is an absolute truth. The people will also come to know that he is the MAN who has been most vocal about the reality of FAKE Gandhis for last 40 years. 

For example, Dr. Swamy has questioned Sonia's false educational qualifications given in the Affidavit of 2009 elections. If people verify Sonia's affidavit for 2014 elections, it is clear that Dr. Swamy was right all along. Dr. Swamy was right when he suggested that Sonia Gandhi is a fifth grade pass who has managed to fool Indians for such a long time. While many are quick to BRAND this information as a personal attack, they fail to understand the implications of a low educated Leader for India. Moreover, true leaders do not hide the truth of their educational qualifications.

Similarly, Dr. Swamy's attack on Priyanka Gandhi's drinking problem is simply a suggestion that India doesn't need leaders with pretty faces who will not only be ineffective decision makers BUT will also rob the poor for generations. Therefore, knowing the personal habits of our LEADERS is paramount because eventually their habits will shape the future of our country and the future of India's children.

Sonia does seem to be even more rattled by Dr. Swamy's efficacy in identifying her sins and then bringing them into public domain. As a result, Dynasty is retaliating by orchestrating protests outside Dr. Swamy's house. However, it fails to understand that Dr. Swamy has a clear mindset towards eradicating the root cause of corruption and therefore, he will be least apologetic for his Ultra-Nationalist views and actions.